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Energy comparing

Dutch customers save money on comparing energy prices

Saving up hundreds of euro's each year

In the Netherlands the market for energy is booming business. Because customers are allowed to choose their own supplier that supplies them energy and gas. Especially the online market for comparing energy prices is huge. They can fill in their data such as their capacity in energy and gas consumption together with their adress and their current energysupplier they can make an comparison. In that overview they will see all sorts of energydeals from cheap to expensive. The cheapest energydeals are sorted so that the customer can choose out of more than 40 deals. They save up €500 a year when they switch from their own supplier to the new suppli​er.

Comparing energy prices populair

The dutch government decided to add more competition on the dutch energymarket by opening it up. Till 2004 a dutch household didnt get to choose their own energysupplier. Every province had his own energiesupplier who supplied them with energy and gas. After 2004 the liberalisation began on the market so energy company's were forced to lower their energy and gasprices.

Energy costs reduced

So that also resulted in the growth of more energy comparison websites with a handy tool for the customer to compare each energydeal per supplier. Nowadays more than 500.000 dutch family's switch from energysupplier each year. And that means saving hundreds of euro's each year by investigating the prices on the energymarket.

Dutch comparing energy sites

Holland has great energy comparing websites witch calculates al the available energy prices on the Dutch market. Then again Holland has more than 40 energy suppliers so that means hundreds of energy deals to choose from. The most important step towards saving is starting with saving at home. And that means monitoring your energy consumption, your washing machine needs a lot of electricity and your dryer uses even more electricity. So when you have the option to hang your clothes outside then do that. The average households in America have an elektricity consumption of 10.932 kWh. In holland the average household uses 3500 kWh. The reason for that is mostly the weather, Holland has lower temperatures so households in Holland don't use the airconditioning that much.

In the United States some customers get to choose their own electrity supplier what also is called customer choice it depends on the state. In Holland they dont have states, every household in Holland gets a free choice.

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